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Word Game 13 — Winner

This is a prize of the Game.

These are ten new words.

Adversity hardship
Broach start to discuss; approach
Deference respect
Esoteric obscure and difficult to understand
Hoary old
Lavish on a grand scale; wasteful
Obtuse mentally dull
Portent a warning sign; omen
Revere worship
Tome large book

Please send my your stories to word_game@mail.ru.

Good luck everyone!


These are three new stories. Please read and vote.

1. Mary's brave deed.

Mary was a senior official in a major joint-stock company and earned the deference of colleagues to her, but only esoteric knew how she could overcome adversity.

Her hoary with age, obtuse chief was never lavish with praise and material stimulation.

At first, Mary did not know how to broach the subject of a pay rise with him, but then she thought a little and made a skilful plan.

She bought a tome with erotic photos and handed this present to her boss at his birthday with resplendent, promising smile.

This Mary's brave deed became a portent of a new round of relations with her boss and soon he already revered her and considerably increased her salary.

2. The Almighty God.

Let me tell you the story as old as this world — the story from the hoary and dusty tome which is now lost irrevocably.

Long time ago, very far from today there lived a wise nation who revered The Higher Intelligence from heaven; and it was considered that those people themselves came from heaven and were the ancient ancestors of The Higher Intelligence.

Those people had known no adversity — their lavish God helped them whenever they asked him to give a portent from high above, they followed every sign he gave them and treated him with deference only.

Unfortunately not everything was as sweet as it seemed to be — there was also a bunch of obtuse people who didn't want to worship The Higher Intelligence; and once upon a time they all gathered in their secret fellowship place aiming to broach the subject of discrediting God's majesty in people's eyes.

But the almighty God could see everything from the heavenly heights and that esoteric conspiracy hasn't been hidden out of his bright eyes; so he made angry about it and sent death to the entire nation.

3. Books.

I have always revered the tomes of famous hoary authors.

On the one hand, such books are esoteric and sometimes you may count yourself obtuse, because your hands-on experience is not sufficient to understand some philosophy moments.

On the other hand, there are so many genius books that are inspire deference, because the authors are merely “lavish” on wise ideas.

Everyone can find inside of books something interesting: portent of anything, means to overcome adversity or just cause to broach.


Which text do you like?

  • 2. The Almighty God. (71%, голосов: 5)
  • 1. Mary's brave deed. (14%, голосов: 1)
  • 3. Books. (14%, голосов: 1)

Всего проголосовало: 7

Загрузка ... Загрузка ...


I would like to present you our participants and the winner of Word Game 13.

1 place -Grigory Domanin (Cheboksary). He takes 3 points.

2 place — Yuri Yartsev (Irkutsk) and Raisa Gordienko (Ulyanovsk). Either of them take 2 points.



This is today's rating:

Grigori Domanin (Cheboksary) — 8 points

Yuri Yuri Yartsev (Irkutsk) — 7 points

Raisa Gordienko (Ulyanovsk) — 4 points

Irina (Penza) — 1 point

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