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Word Game 17 — Winner

This is a prize of this Game.

These are ten new words.

Aesthetic concerning art or beauty
Bulwark fortification; barricade; wall
Defunct no longer in existence
Etymology the study of word origins
Hyperbole grossly exaggerated speech
Legend 1. key to map; 2. myth or story
Odious hateful
Posterity future generations
Rife common
Torpor dormancy; sluggishness; inactivity

Please send me your stories to word_game@mail.ru.

Good luck everyone!


Please enjoy new stories and vote.

1. Was or wasn't a need to erect the Pyramids?

There are adversaries and advocates of different theories about causes of an appearance and purpose of the Egyptian Pyramids  among of scientists of different countries, and until now specialists in etymology guess a riddles of existing on boulders inscriptions.

Pyramids provoke a torpor at one pair of tourists and an aesthetic enjoyment at others, but have not any whom these works seem odious.

By one of the versions Pyramids bulwarked for a transfer an active and life-asserting energy for earthmen and the Earth; but the most rife version is that they were erected for a burial of defunct Pharaohs.

An answer to a question — «Was or wasn't a need to erect the Pyramids?», depends on what kind of version to hold about the time and reasons for their erection.

But no matter what the answer is, we can say without hyperbole that these Egyptian «Wonders of the world» were and continue to remain a true living legend of this surprising and enigmatic country and they should be preserved for posterity for centuries to come.

2. Brave king.

There is a legend about a defunct king who built a strong aesthetic bulwark to protect his land and people from fearsome invaders from the Northern Lands.

These odious enemies were wicked and ruthless barbarians and their forays were rife on those days.

King's people were scared and frightened; so the king decided to stop this torpor and gathered all his men at Central Square to pontificate great inspiring speech.

He was a good speaker, he knew etymology very well and used a lot of hyperboles — so he was able to inspire his people to stand up and fight the enemy.

They won that difficult battle, banished the barbarians far away from their Motherland and left for their posterity this inspiring legend.

Which text do you like?

  • 1. Was or wasn't a need to erect the Pyramids? (54%, голосов: 7)
  • 2. Brave king. (46%, голосов: 6)

Всего проголосовало: 13

Загрузка ... Загрузка ...


I would like to present you our participants and the winner of Word Game 17.

1 place — Raisa Gordienko (Ulyanovsk). She takes 3 points.

2 place —Grigory Domanin (Cheboksary). He takes 2 points.



This is today's rating:

Grigori Domanin (Cheboksary) — 18points

Yuri Yuri Yartsev (Irkutsk) — 10 points

Raisa Gordienko (Ulyanovsk) — 9 points

Irina (Penza) — 1 point

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