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Word Game 20 — Winner

This is a prize of this Game.

These are ten new words.

Abstruse difficult to understand; obscure
Blunderbuss 1. ancient weapon (type of gun); 2. a clumsy person
Cringe recoil; flinch; shy away
Envenom to cause bitterness and bad feeling
Hedonism self indulgence; pleasure-seeking
Laconic using few words; brief; to the point
Oblique indirect; slanting
Plumage feathers of a bird
Resignation acceptance of fate
Tenacious stubborn; resolute; holding firm to a purpose

Please send me your stories to word_game@mail.ru.

Good luck everyone!


Please read the new text and vote.


Engineer Smith wasn't changed into an ordinary senior after his laconic resignation, and he decided to apply to his old hobby: search out abstruse happenings from bird's life.

He constructed a special tenacious lime twigs and suspended their on trees, fixed in hedges or simply stuck into the earth,and small birds adhered to them by their plumage.

Once making yourself comfortable in his favorite armchair and looking with so characteristic of him hedonism, how few last oblique sunbeams pass through the open window, Smith cringed in horror, seeing the blunderbuss aimed really at him.

«It is possible the bullet is envenomed»- thought Smith, mentally saying good buy to life.

But it was only the evil trick of his neighbour in the cottage.

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Всего проголосовало: 4

Загрузка ... Загрузка ...


I would like to present you our participants and the winner of Word Game 20.

1 place — Raisa Gordienko (Ulyanovsk). She takes 3 points.



This is today's rating:

Grigori Domanin (Cheboksary) — 21 points

Raisa Gordienko (Ulyanovsk) — 18 points

Yuri Yuri Yartsev (Irkutsk) — 10 points

Irina (Penza) — 1 point


The series of 10 Games is finished.

The winner of this series is Grigori Domanin (Cheboksary)

He take as a prize this calendar.


And I thank all participants for their attention to our game.


Now, I would like to announce the two weeks break for holidays.

Next World Game will be started on January 10.

See you after the break.

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